I’ve got a medical assessment on tues for my benefits. I am housebound due to several serious chronic conditions which include Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertention, Osteoarthritis (knees, back & hips), Asthma & COPD, serious Bariatric problems (have an 8 hour operation due for that on the 17h of next month which I may not survive) Fibromyalgia a huge stomach hernia which both my stomach and bowel are sitting inside, the bowel is twisted, a stent in my liver and my liver is showing signs of deteriorating, infantile/overactive bladder and Colitis . Have a diagnoses of Complex PTSD, history of mental health issues including severe depression, suicidal problems and self harm (mainly due to the extreme pain I’m in 100% of the time) and Agoraphobia. I rang the DWP to see if I could have a home visit. I have no objections to going through the medical as I had one a couple of months back for the PIP and received both components at the high level but was told that I had to go for the appointment a home visit was not possible. I explained that I find it impossible to get out and I also have this surgery (at that time I didn’t have the date so was worried that the two would clash). I was told in a very nasty way that if I could get to hospital I could get to the appointment. I explained I wouldn’t be going to the hospital alone and was told that I should find somebody to come with me to the appointment too (what if I can’t?). Then I asked why they couldn’t use the assessment I recently had for the PIP, was told abruptly that it’s a different benefit and as I had the PIP I should have a car and could drive to the appointment….. Errrrmmm I can’t drive, I have IIH so am not allowed to drive, besides wouldn’t it have saved them money if they used the same assessment?…. Then I see that program in channel 5 Benefit Cheats and see a youth from Liverpool boasting that he’d been stabbed in the past and had been given a PTSD diagnoses even though he was completely recovered and nothing wrong with him. He boasted that he was out on his bike most of the day but told the DWP that he couldn’t leave the house alone because he also had Agoraphobia. I cried because I genuinely have these conditions, but after watching that I can understand why people like myself are having to go through this, why don’t these reporters come meet people like me with real serious issues rather than sensationalising, can’t they see what it’s doing to those of us that are really suffering? All that’s happening is the government and the public in general are assuming all people trying to access these benefits are cheats or lazy. I’m taking copies of all my diagnoses from the various specialists and surgeons also have my CPN nurse coming with me and although I am very anxious about the interview I can’t see how they can dispute the evidence put in front of them. It’s easy to see how people with serious mental health issues are pushed over the edge with the current system.


i have a long term mental health issue, i passed my first medical, but now extremely worried that i will fail my next one. i think that this government has got it all wrong, they shouldnt sanction anyone, and if you are entitled to benefits even if you have 5 plus years of medical evidence, then surely you qualify even on review. the government should issue the stats on how many people have committed suicide because of this, but they wont. we as a nation need to do something now before anyone else suffers


I had a nil assessment for esa last week, I have ibs, which is deemed a manageable condition, for me it’s not, It gives me panic attacks and anxiety, because I’m terrified of soiling myself in public. The decision maker told me because I can get on a bus, take my kids to school and clean my house I can work 16 hours or more a week.


I`m on jobseeker`s allowance, & have had half a dozen sanctions imposed on me in the last 3 years for the stupidest reasons which would take too long to explain here. I`m so glad that I reach retirement age next month, & can get off this merry-go-round!


After going through a fraud investigation because DWP claimed I failed to tell them about an endowment that matured in 2013 when in fact I told them before it matured and told them the amount and the maturity date, they decided I had been overpaid by £2140, i’ve now paid almost half of this back and now received a letter offering me an administrative penalty of over £1000 or I may be taken to court for telling them at the wrong time!

I had a meeting with DWP to discuss this and refused to accept it, but now Citizens Advice have advised me that they think I should accept it as my anxiety and depression is getting worse with all the stress and they think I have little chance of winning in court, I have emailed several solicitors for advice, but am waiting for replies.   It’s not administration fees, it’s called an administrative penalty, according to DWP rules it is set at 50% of the overpayment (used to be 30%, but IDS changed it), this is what I call a bribe so that they don’t take you to court as once you’ve paid it they can’t proceed with court action, but it goes on your record at Jobcentre.


So I have now been sent a letter from gov legal dept saying I’m now banned from my job centre. My unpleasant signing person Julia (I’m not privy to its surname) had yet another grump at me, I’ve been recording all appointments with dwp persons for ages now n suddenly julua has its knickers in a twist, I didn’t take my Dictaphone last sign say I told her so but still left huffing and puffing, tw days later letter in post saying I banned, I feel so human so much part of society thank you dwp


PIP Tribunal today.

Attended Tribunal and requested that if the Panel was unable to make an assessment, that Tribunal to be adjourned due to the HP no longer working as an HP, the investigation we requested and we were asking for all cases from Newquay or St Austell, between April 2014 and June 2015, to be reopened or reassessed. The panel were happy to proceed on the basis they would not use the said HP’s report and…..Their decision was this: Enhanced Care, Enhanced Mobility until 2018, which is what the original assessment should have concluded months ago! 97% success rate for 2015. Still love what we do, ensuring most vulnerable are treated with respect and get entitlements they need.


had my assessment on Friday 7th August in Manchester the doctor on the panel was horrible i was in there for around 1 hour and i had loads off questions fired at me i cried because i cant do much with my daughter and i got stuck on some questions i left the room and let them talk came back in 5-10mins later and got standard care even though my partner who is my carer does everything for me and i only got 4 points for mobility even though i had loads off letters saying my mobility is deteriorating but they only awarded me 4 points on mobility i was on higher rate care and higher rate mobility on DLA for 5 years.
by DWP i was awarded 0 points on mobility and only 4 points on care and from the tribunal i got 4 points on mobility and 9 points on care, im shocked that i didn’t get more points i need my mobility more then care im home bound because off this and don’t know what i am supposed to do now as i want to keep fighting this,




had my tribunal hearing for pip today i only got standard rate care and still no mobility the system is a joke i cried in there because off how its affecting me and i only get standard rate care for 9 points and only got 4 for motobility going to take it to 2nd tier tribunals now i cant take much more off this now the doctor was horrible on the panel not happy one bit


I just got a letter from DWP refusing my PIP coz I never turned up for my assessment – It would have been nice to have been told I had an assessment and the time and place – On the phone 1st thing Monday be had to hold my tongue.   I didn’t know wr had to be mind readers – when I first was on ESA they asked for information with a dealine 2 weeks before the letter was dated – I knew I should have kept my time machine


I been reading through the medical report from my pip assessment like I said pack of lies but have just noticed he’s recorded claimant hostile and confrontational towards the assessor when walking from the reception area to the assessment room expressing his negative feelings regarding the dwp the only concern I raised was that the assessment was not being recorded surely this is nothing to do with the exam itself as we had not even reached the exam room it’s not his medical opinion just his personal opinion of what was a private conversation also I feel it is inappropriate as those negative comments could have influenced a decision maker.  He first said I coped well at the assessment wasn’t tense anxious or agitated normal manner yet not a few lines further down recorded I was hostile and confrontational through out the assessment which would mean I’d have to have appeared tense and agitated for him to even think that there just stupid!  I told him at the assessment I go to supermarket by taxi or my nephew who has car takes me or iv got free bus pass which is what I told him he’s put I told him I often walk to the supermarket if needed the nearest one is two miles away iv got arthritis fibromyalgia my legs hips shake from weakness so yea I’m really going to walk two miles to supermarket there just liars.


Has anyone experienced that the occupational nurse had missed out medical information you had provided (care plans , medication , therapy)on there assessment ,when I asked the case manager why it hadn’t been included he said it wasn’t enough proof , I argued the point as how an occy nurse can overide specialists letters and diagnosis/therapy, he now says the letters /appointments have to be seen by an atos doctor to see if it can be used as evidence


Five years ago I had severe spinal cord stroke. which left me with very limited mobility and damaged nerves which effect both my bladder and bowel function.
I spent 6 month’s in hospital and when I was discharged I started to receive Dla.
In July I was contacted by dwp and started the process of applying for pip.
I had a home assessment on the 30th of July with someone from Atos and i really thought in all honesty it hadn’t gone well.
Since then I have been waiting for the dreaded outcome and this morning
I received my pip statement of entitlement.
They have awarded me standard care and enhanced mobility until 2025 so it works out more or less the same as what I was receiving on dla middle rate care high rate mobility.
I am just so relieved the whole thing is over and just want to wish everyone going through the same process or similar the very best of luck and thankyou to everyone who has taken the time to help me these past couple of months.


Received my PIP reassessment report yesterday, Saturday, and it is the biggest work of fiction I’ve read in over 30 years. How the assessor can justify her comments is beyond reality. If I wasn’t sure, I would have though she was reporting back about someone else and not me. She even managed to lie on the front cover page. Now I just need to respond to the report. My GP has given me a glowing letter of support which the last person I spoke to at the DWP said it would go a long way if I could get a letter from my GP as he sees me more than the consultant and can describe my daily issues etc


I had an ATOS assessment at the beginning of march. I have 3 main conditions; Severe Depression and Anxiety, Mobility problems due to knee problems and loss of function of my right hand. To cut a long story short I went to bits at the assessment so really was completely “out of it” mentally (for want of a better phrase). The assessor wrote a pack of lies in her report. My own comprehensive evidence was not considered (or they have gone against it thinking they know better) and i was awarded 7 points for care and nothing for mobility (despite being on ESA Support group mobility descriptor – cannot walk 50m repeatedly in a reasonable time due to severe pain and discomfort – I already have a blue badge for mobility issues on this alone). The assessor has even done her assessment in the report on the wrong leg – left instead of right. I reported this to DWP in the mandatory reconsideration – original decision upheld and they said the report was fit for purpose!!!! So off to tribunal we go and that is this wednesday coming.
However we placed a complaint in to ATOS themselves regarding the catalogue of errors and things that were either inaccurate or not reported in the assessment report; and this has been under investigation now for some time. This morning I received a letter from ATOS telling me that i have a home assessment appointment arranged for 17th August. I phoned ATOS up and they wont tell me anything saying that the file is still open and I need to contact the DWP if I want more information. Its my complaint – why do i have to contact the DWP for information??
Does this mean that they are admitting that there was a problem with the original report??? All they will say to me is that its still open, contact the DWP. No Help to me when my Tribunal is this Wednesday. I really dont need this now. My employers are having a meeting on the same day as this to decide about terminating my contract on ill health grounds. Now this too??


Well after 73 weeks (started march 11 2014) of fighting, I’ve finally won my appeal for PIP! Awarded enhanced for living and normal for mobility (ATOS awarded me 1 point in living originally, not to mention the amount of lies on the report!).

The tribunal itself lasted 5 mins as they’d already decided on a paper trial and didnt even need additional evidence from me…which was lucky as they’d lost my folder with all my evidence in, only to find it as we came out of the courtroom.

It’s been a week since the tribunal, so i’m now just waiting on the DWP to actually award me my full backpay, i’m guessing they’ll string this bit out for as long as possible too? Anyone know on average how long this bit takes?

Just goes to show, you HAVE to keep fighting, as the DWP will do everything in their power to stop you from getting anything from them!


well i heard back i,m currently getting the basic amount each week of £55 but i have just found out i have to have surgery on my hips and i also have found out i have aspergers syndrome they have not awarded me any thing else just the same daily living component  not happy i,m unable to move very well as my hips cause great pain what the hell !!


my main illnesses are severe m.e and fibromyalgia, i failed pip so lost disability and carers, my health is awful, after the assessors report arrived i honestly could not believe how much was missed out,added that wasnt true and blatant lies, i then failed my MR so having to go further,the stress has made me so ill,and now my disability and carers has stopped we cant afford our car so wont even be going anywhere also nxt mnth ive to go from income support to esa



List of Doctors and nurses who have put money before the health of people.

  • 1. Dr Imbram. Unprofessional-Liar-No compassion.
  • 2.Nurse Limbada Glennie,Bradford – acted in a threatening manner and lied when she said I was “borderline PV( potentially violent)” when I told her I was using my phone to record the assessment.She stood over me in a very threatening way,pointed to the door and told me to “get out of the building”.
  • 3.Nurse Colleen Schofield,Bradford – awarded me 0 points despite being told about my insomnia,depression and anxiety-She obviously thinks people who have been awake between 3-5 days are fit for work in a dangerous environment-despite being a danger to themselves and other workmates.
  • 4. Nurse Seviria Chimpukete, Wimledon. Told blatant lies on report, eg. that I refused to be examined or have blood pressure taken –  she never asked! That I put my glasses on with right hand – my right arm is severely disabled and this is impossible! Gave me 0 points – I have chronic osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain and clinical depression. I went to assessment in MY OWN wheelchair ………….. can, however, prove she is a liar and am in process of doing so. I am going to have her!
  • 5. Dr Lomas – Bridge St,Manchester – unprofessional,Rude and a liar – made out in assessment  that I had none of the problems I claimed which I did -I was not able to answer on my own and I had my mother who tried to help and had seen me at my worst when I was unable to get out of bed- Dr Lomas told her to”shut up” when she helped me to answer his questions- Eventually Atos apologised and retrained him – I hope no one else has to go through what I went through because of this employee of Atos “healthcare”-this Dr is a disgrace to the profession.
  • 6. Nurse Hillary May – Assessed me in December last year and awarded 0 points despite my own GP saying I was definitely unfit for work.
  • 7. HEATHER MCBEAN – Manchester – she blatantly lied about him saying she observed him walking from a nearby street 200m away , he was actually dropped off at the gate , she said he was sitting for over 20mins when it was 10 she said he was with a friend when actually he attended alone . she said he assists with childcare when all he does is listen to our son read , i can not leave him alone for too long as he passes out due to severe pain and she said that dosent happen , she also questioned his medication as he took empty boxes over a month old she implied he isnt taking his meds when in actual fact he runs out of his pain releif every month ….. i could go on but i would be taking over the page . she is just scum and we have been left way below the poverty line how can a family of 4 manage on the £70 per week he has been given with a morgage to pay. The following was added on the 29 November 2013 – My MP Jack Straw is now looking into this as she was dismissed for being under the influence of alcohol whilst doing assessments including mine. More details can be found on the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s web site.
  • 8.Nurse Genie Thorpe – Sheffield – she is a liar and a shameful nurse with no specialist training in any field ,She lied about how my disabilities effect me and she lied about how I got there saying I came by train and got there safely in fact I collapsed and a lady helped me after seeing my SOS bracelets yes I have more than one  the lady helped me to my feet bought me a cuppa and gave me some thing to eat and then walked me to Atossers office in Sheffield .
  • 9. Nurse Andrew Saddler – Chester – lied about me being able to hear although its now been medically proven I have severe hearing loss in my right ear and some in my left ,He said I refused to do physical examination when he told me I didn’t have to do it if I felt pain…I could propel my own wheelchair if I was given one.
  • 10. Dr A B Jha of Chatham Kent – is always turning down my appeals because he has no knowledge of my illness.
  • 11. Nurse Alina Ivanovia…Birmingham – stated that there was nothing wrong with my mental health (because I wasn’t rocking like a nutter) even though I’ve had history of self harm n suicidal attempts, on anti depressants-was on 40mg citalopram, suffering too much from depression n changed back to amatriptyline. Doesnt understand that because of the chronic pain I suffer from- there is no way I can propel a manual wheelchair-she stated that me self propelling because I cant walk very far would improve my quality of life…I cant do it.She made me feel an inch tall.
  • 12. DR OMOLARA BAMGBELU. unprofessional liar – I have epilepsy & she’s lied all over my report.
  • 13. Dr Jonathan Kingsley Laud Mettle. Wembley – Unprofessional liar.
  • 14. Dr Najeh Hamza – works from Ealing dwp – Does the examination but falsifies the answers and lies on the form. Does not include all information he is given.
  • 15. DR HASSAN MEDHI or MEDHE – Wembley – An under qualified liar that works at Atos and makes false statements that are in opposition to the specialists that know more than he does but he chooses to ignore them and make peoples lives unnecessarily stressful.
  • 16. Nurse Susan Rowlands – Tredegar in Gwent – She said I walked in handed her my prescription, then a few paragraphs later said I wasn’t on any medication. Then said I was on gabapentin, which I’m not, and that I don’t take any anti depressants, yet I am on 150mg of amitryptiline. she said she examined me and could feel no pain. Can they feel our pain now?
  • 17. Dr Oluropu Adeleke –  Swindon – Lied on the report and ignored the neck, spine and pelvic problems. All he was interested in was my underwear and sanitary arrangements…quite disturbing
  • 18. Alleged “Nurse” Kate Louise Friel – Bradford – Despite me being forced to attend when I was in agony with a severe eye cyst, Mrs Friel wrote various contradictory statements in her report. On one page she stated “has a nasty eye infection today and I have told him to go to hospital” then a few pages on she writes “well kempt, no visible problems, good eye contact” She also wrote that I was starting college and that I informed her I handwash my clothes. The woman is a blatant liar and her lies caused me nearly two years of hell. She has since been reprimanded after my solicitor complained to ATOS head office and they investigated her. Even her employers agreed her report was “packed with inconsisitencies, misleading information and had significant omissions which had a detrimental effect on the score produced” (in their own words!) they also bollocked her for ignoring issues she did not explore that were clearly written on my ESA50. Watch out for her, KATE LOUISE FRIEL AT BRADFORD BRANCH OF ATOS.
  • 19. Dr Golam Kabir, Atos medical services Dundee, lied on medical report, stated that he carried out examinations which he did not! Atos and GMC will not carry out further investigations into my complaint.
  • 20. Polkyth Leisure centre,St Austell Cornwall. Diane employed by physioworld Ltd, sub contracted by ATOS. Have a portfolio of abuse of public position and intentionally false/fraudulent medical statements sent to DWP and Tribunal service. DIANE, refuse to be assessed by her.
  • 21. Dr Pamela Harper, York Place Edinburgh who lied consistently throughout her ESA Medical Report Form, totally disregarded numerous physical & mental health issues and awarded a sum total of 0 points. I fought the decision with the support of my GP & a Welfare Rights Officer to tribunal stage and was awarded 21 points by the preciding Judge & GP on mental health issues alone. Dr Harper has an agenda which takes none of the interviewees written or spoken comments into account. If you must see this evil individual, please ensure you take someone along to take notes and pin her down over this scandelous behaviour.
  • 22.So called ‘nurse’ Dawn Turley,at Coventry medical examination centre.She lied throughout her report,stating that i bent down to put down my bag,which I didnt’,I just put it on the floor.She put that I was always able to use a kettle,pans,turns taps,even though I told her I was unable to do so.She put that I have no mental health difficulties,despite my form saying I do.She put that my limb rotations were normal,despite the fact that i am hypermobile (so my joints bend far more than the average person).
  • 23. Alleged “doctor” Raka Banerjee, Birmingham: In addition to telling me to my face two things she was going to lie about, her report was full of lies, her even giving answers saying I was fine to questions she hadn’t even asked me! After asking if I could hoover my room (I said no) she had the cheek to try to catch me out by asking if my room was “filthy dirty”! She made a rookie mistake asking me if I’d had an endoscopy for my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). They never have & never will do endoscopies for IBS, they do colonoscopies! Even a third year medical student would know this (several of my friends are doctors so I have an idea of when they learn things), so with all her years of “experience” (she’s getting towards retirement age) she shouldn’t be making rookie mistakes like this. This makes me question if she is indeed a doctor, especially after all the other lies ATOS have told! She refused to take on board the definition of not being able to do something as being not being able to do something without pain. She seemed to be completely ignorant of the possibility of variation in ability due to the nature of a person’s condition. And she had no clue about my medical condition. Summary: incompetent liar! I don’t use those words lightly!
  • 24.Dr Hassan Atos Mann island Liverpool gave me no points I suffer from a damaged spinal cord,Cervical spinal stenosis loss of use of right leg constant pain in both arms and hands and have been told that i will be  in a wheelchair  even with the op great isnt it welcome to Great Britain.

Cutting benefits kills! Open letter to DWP, JSP and the public!

 Dear the Dwp, Job centre plus, and the public
There is something you need to know! Cutting disability benefits kills!  Not that this has been portrayed.  It is less likely you will have heard of Elaine Christian, or Paul Willcoxsin than the terns scrounger, skiver, shirker.  Both of these people are dead.  Why?  Because Cutting benefits kills.  
images (33)
Originally when ESA (Employment support allowance) was introduced its aims were to STOP employers discriminating against the disabled who wanted to and were able to work.  Many disabled people found that despite being capable once their conditions were seen or known they were dismissed.
Iain-Duncan-SmithBut then the government saw an opportunity of using this assessment, to proclaim those whose conditions would mean they could not work ‘fit for work’ .
Why would they do this?
  They do not want to pay life long financial support to those who are BURDENS’ society.  If they put nothing into society, if they pay no tax, no national insurance, do not contribute in any way but take take take, then they must be forced to work.. hooooraaahhhh!
Propped up by media mock-umentaries, comedy sketches like little Britain’s and rhetoric, narrative and slander bounced around in the tabloids and TV of scroungers and skivers. The public were swayed by being exposed this this mis-information and thus perceived those with life long conditions with sympathy to hatred.  This was the intention all along.  Propaganda used to influence the public.
 This was done so that the public would support Welfare cuts to these burdens, would not protest at the loss of life, rights, or legal infringements used to abuse this vulnerable group.  The public has been brainwashed and they do not even realise it!  Jeremy Kyle vehemently attacks anyone not working and refuses to listen to the reasons.  Have they been made redundant?  Are they struggling with mental health issues?  It does not matter this powerless group is the target.
To slightly tangent I wish to impress of you all why they are the target.  The recession was caused by bankers and elite corruption, not the poor or disabled.  But these groups are powerful and friends of the government.  They went to Eton together, their families are inter-married, so they could not blame them.
So they had to blame someone else.  Who to blame though? Blame the weakest people in the country, who cannot afford to defend themselves, have no contacts to defend themselves, are powerless, and at the mercy of the powerful. So this is why it happened.
Now for the consequences!
People died.  Many people died.  People are still dying. These could be people in your family, your grandparents, your parents, your children.  Unemployment and disability and not life style choices.  They can happen to anyone, at any time, and it knocks you off your feet.  Your entire life suddenly changes. Once a person with status and kudos, once a person with aspirations and dreams you are now a person who has become a criminal.  What crime have you committed? The crime of not being a tax payer.  Whether this is short term or a life long change to your life, you will be treated as though you are subservient to anyone employed.  You will be treated like you are scum at the Job Centre where you go to find work, you will be treated as though you are lying and trying to commit fraud if you apply for disability.  The person has not changed.  Inside they are still them, still with that drive, still with that hope but now you are judged differently.  Losing a job or becoming disabled are extremely high on the Holmes=Rahe Stress Inventory, in fact they place 6th and 8th above death of a close friend, pregnancy, moving house and buying a house.  No wonder that people who lose a job or become disabled also go on to develop mental health conditions.
Quick fact of the day!
Everyone has the potential to develop poor mental health it does not discriminate against class, religion, face, gender, nationality, education, status, sexuality or strength.  To develop poor mental health all it takes it 1 moment in your life that totally changes everything.  Your moment may not yet have come, you may be lucky and never meet this moment, but know you are not immune to this, it is always there looming!
Public manipulated
The public were led to believe that these Tax burdens in society needed incentivising to ‘get off their fat arses (The arse is always fat) and get a job’ But this was a lie.  The government knew this was a lie.  The government knew that people were desperate for work, any work, and those unable to work were desperate to not be treated like criminals.  The government wanted to reduce the welfare cost, but forgot to tell anyone that the reason it is so high is because the ‘baby boomers’ have now become pensioners! So a tiny group became targeted by the country, and if every member off this group were to die tomorrow it would not change the Welfare costs.  So why focus on this insignificant group, and plough so much energy and effort into crippling them?  Because it makes the public believe that something is being done against this vermin.
 The government need to be seen to be doing something to benefit the country, even if they have to lie, deceive and manipulate to make it appear this is happening.

DWP admits making up quotes by ‘benefit claimants’ saying sanctions helped them.  This is the tip of the iceberg!

If people are shocked by this then once everything comes out about DWP manipulation, lies and harassment will leave people aghast!And it’s understandable why the Government would want to convince people that sanctions do work with people claiming sickness benefit, considering how much their use is increasing.
Impossible targets have been set which people cannot meet.  They repeatedly get sanctioned (at least 2 weeks with zero funds) which lowers the Unemployment rate. For the government to prove to the public that it is doing something about these heinous criminals (those not currently paying tax) they then use these targets as evidence as a persuasive tool.  People have stopped being people.  They have become numbers and targets.

Numbers do not have feelings, numbers do not have needs, a number do not die, the are deleted! The DWP has no emotional attachment to numbers, targets are all about achieving a result or failing.  Who wants to fail?  It is sadly the front line staff at the Job Centre and Disability assessment companies who do.  These are the people who have to juggle their natural human empathy with the need to keep a job and meet targets, for many this is impossible.  They themselves are fired for not reaching targets or have to leave because their own mental health becomes vulnerable.  Does the government know this?  Yes!

 Iain Duncan Smith met a whistle-blower who has worked for his Department for Work and Pensions for more than 20 years.

Giving the Secretary of State a dossier of evidence, the former Jobcentre Plus adviser told him of a “brutal and bullying” culture of “setting claimants up to fail”.

“The pressure to sanction customers was constant,” he said. “It led to people being stitched-up on a daily basis.”

“We were constantly told ‘agitate the customer’ and that ‘any engagement with the customer is an opportunity to ­sanction

Yet it is this front line staff who are facing this pressure.  The pressure to knowingly starve people breaks many Job centre staff who simply cannot ‘sleep at night’ with the conscience of what is happening to the vulnerable.  Anyone classed as “vulnerable” is generally eligible to claim hardship support immediately, but others – in reality, the vast majority of people lumped into jobseeker’s allowance – are not allowed until the 15th day of being sanctioned. This distinction is quite an insight into DWP thinking: the belief that there is any living person who can be left without money for food for two weeks and not be vulnerable to starving.  The pressure to meet targets that do not reflect reality.  The pressure to be immoral.

Debbie Abrahams said: “I am deeply concerned that sanctions are being used to create the illusion the Government is bringing down unemployment,” Sanctions can last from a couple of days to three years, and leave claimants destitute.

The whistle blower asserted:  managers fraudulently altered claimants’ records, adding: “Managers would change people’s appointments without telling them. The appointment wouldn’t arrive in time in the post so they would miss it and have to be sanctioned. That’s fraud. The customer fails to attend. Their claim is closed. It’s called ‘off-flow’ – they come off the statistics. Unemployment has dropped. They are being stitched up.”

One claimant is experiencing just this right now:
I have had my disability payments stopped by DWP, attended the PIP assessment in June, received a letter 2 weeks later to say that my DLA will be stopped on the 21st July, have had letter from Council to say that due to my circumstances changing they can not pay anymore towards my rent as am on full payment. Have challenged the PIP assessment and am waiting to hear but that could take 8 weeks, so what am I to do in the meantime, will mean rent arrears etc which I have never had before, my sister is helping as much as she can, have worked since I was 15, never been out of work, had a breakdown and have arthritis, am on antidepresents which have been increased due to the worry of this , am visiting doctor every 2 weeks as feeling suicidal, the government do not care about the ordinary people that have worked then become ill, I am 61,
 A Whistle-blower explained this process
“They were treated appallingly, lots of conditions put on them. Many of them were vulnerable people with low self-esteem or coming back off sick. We were setting customers up to fail.
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Debbie Abrahams MP added: “The last thing Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey want is for this uncomfortable truth to be uncovered and that’s why they’ve consistently refused to hold an in-depth inquiry to investigate the appropriate use of sanctions.
I signed on March 2014 until may this year, in just over a year I didn’t see a full payment more than twice.
I was sanctioned for a month summer of 2014, to this day I dnt know way
Just before Christmas I was sanctioned for 3 months for not going to anappointment that I was at, for A4E, turns out that even tho I’d been going to see these people 2 or 3 times a week sometimes doing almost 20 mile round trip on foot, because bus fare is a 5er, when ur sanctioned £5 goes a surprisingly long way. I wasn’t even on they’re books?!!.
So go to sign on at what I hope is the end of my unfair nonsensical sanction to be told I’m going straight in to another 1, you’ve got a choice for why this time, either it’s because I had more than £16,000 in the bank (at the time I didn’t even have a bank account) or because I’d not done enough job searching ( that week alone I’d had 3 interviews & a trial shift ).
So Ian Duncan fuckface got his numbers up, 1 more off benefits, just because it’s impossible to sign on, I’m not back in work, if anything over a couple of years being homeless fighting with the dwp never mind a whole bunch of personal shit that I won’t bore you with, I’m probably less employable, as the state of mind iv been left in because of the rediculousness & incompetence of the dwp & the mini hitlers they have sitting in that pit of vipers we call the job centre….
A Mole working undercover in the Job centre has revealed that Job Centre staff get bonuses for sanctioning benefits claimants and that Job Centres with lower levels of sanctioning are reprimanded.  Take emergency hardship payments for the people having their benefits sanctioned – a system that, as was reported last week, is now removing the benefits of one in six jobseekers each year and is under scrutiny from the UK statistics watchdog. The ideal, he claims, is for every Job Centre advisor to sanction two people per day. A system of ‘sister offices’ and ‘clusters’ enables Job Centres’ sanction levels to be appraised… if a 6ft 2 big aggressive builder was to walk over to the signing section I can assure you he would not be challenged, however the more weaker clientele are.
Mark Wood, aged  44. ws found fit for work by Atos, against his Doctors advice and assertions that he had complex mental health problems. Starved to death after benefits stopped, weighing only 5st 8lb when he died.
Dr Wood being the first to blow the whistle on ATOS gave evidence to the BBC suggested the methods used to assess whether claimants were eligible for the new incapacity benefit- employment  support allowance (ESA)-were “unfair” and skewed against the claimant.
images (35)
Tragically this ‘unfair’ system has led to suicides. The pressure of an assessment determining someone life, knowing this system is corrupt, being powerless to prove your innocence (inability to work) when deemed guilty from the start, and faced with official appeals before a panel in a court, is too much for those with emotional and mental vulnerabilities.  The DWP is deliberately imposing this pressure of this vulnerable group. In May 2013 the Upper Tribunal made an ‘interim’ judgment that the WCA puts people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and autism at a “substantial disadvantage”. The DWP immediately appealed against the judgment, but in December 2013 the Court of Appeal upheld the Upper Tribunal’s interim ruling. The Tribunal held further hearings in 2014, focused on whether or not there is a ‘reasonable’ adjustment that the DWP should have put in place. The Upper Tribunal has confirmed its earlier ruling that the WCA puts people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and autism at a “substantial disadvantage”. Anther whistle-blower said in January 2015 that there is an existence of “hit squads” that set claimants up to fail in the pursuit of staff performance targets. There were reports of staff targeting the more vulnerable jobseekers, booking appointments without informing the claimant, and being threatened with disciplinary action if they didn’t refer enough people for sanction. With damning reports such as these, the temptation to coat the cruelty in a shiny gloss must be huge.
AAV describes the WCA assessments as torture and goes on to explain that :
By psychological torture, I mean a form of treatment that that could be considered as a “cruel and unusual punishment” or that that creates states of “learned helplessness, psychological regression or depersonalisation“…….As everyone should know by now, it doesn’t matter what kind of documentary evidence of their illness provided by their GP or medical specialists, if the seriously ill or disabled individual “fails” their 15 odd minute tickbox assessment by Atos, they are stripped of their benefits. It doesn’t matter what kind of concrete medical evidence is presented that the individual isn’t fit for work, the Atos assessment takes primacy.
 DWP  knowingly understand that they can overwhelm vulnerable people. They can dash their only hope and make them feel they are helpless.  Without any hope this group has nothing to fight to live for. This happened to Paul Reekie,  aged 48, he was a Leith based Poet and Author. He suffered from severe depression. Committed suicide after DWP stopped his benefits due to an Atos ‘fit for work’ decision.

'You lot are wrong - he's fit enough to get back up there!'

Yet Iain Duncan-Smith still refuses to release the statistics based on the death rates of those sanctioned and found ‘fit for work’.  Disturbingly this is not the end of the abuse.  If we remained in the status quo people would still die, people would still starve, freeze and end their lives.  But for the government this is not enough.  Perhaps this burdens in society are not dying quick enough, and so they are bringing in ‘pest control’
Another whistle-blower, is a call centre worker for the private contractor Capita, who together with the disgraced private healthcare firm Atos are responsible for assessing PIP claimants on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  PIP can be claimed by sick and disabled people regardless of their employment status. Under the new disability benefit PIP, claimants are required to attend face-to-face assessments to determine their eligibility and the level of benefit they will receive.
While waiting to be assessed for PIP, many sick and disabled people are often left penniless and unable to pay their rent, because their DLA has been stopped, the whistleblower said.

“I’ve had people on the phone crying their eyes out and saying they are going to commit suicide.

“On one occasion I had to call an ambulance because they said they had stopped taking their medication. Some people have been going for months and months without money.”

One such claimant (although now called Customers) was Steven Cawthra, aged  55. His benefits were stopped by the DWP and with rising debts, he saw suicide as the only way out of a desperate situation. Another ‘customer’ went to hell and back fighting the DWP and only because of his emotional strength did he finally win.

download (13)

Well after 73 weeks (started march 11 2014) of fighting, I’ve finally won my appeal for PIP! Awarded enhanced for living and normal for mobility (ATOS awarded me 1 point in living originally, not to mention the amount of lies on the report!).

The tribunal itself lasted 5 mins as they’d already decided on a paper trial and didnt even need additional evidence from me…which was lucky as they’d lost my folder with all my evidence in, only to find it as we came out of the courtroom.

It’s been a week since the tribunal, so i’m now just waiting on the DWP to actually award me my full backpay, i’m guessing they’ll string this bit out for as long as possible too? Anyone know on average how long this bit takes?

I’m amazed even supplying reports from 2 separate psychiatrists , my GP of ten years and 3 therapists and they still said I wasn’t able to get pip, yet the courts took two seconds to say yes! Atos are a huge joke when it comes to mental health issues

Just goes to show, you HAVE to keep fighting, as the DWP will do everything in their power to stop you from getting anything from them!


Another claimant suffered this barabaric torture.  No he was not dunked as a witch.  But the impossibility to prove your innocence was as fatal.  If he was innocent he would die from his neglected condition or suicide, if he was not he would be sanctioned and die.

DWP continues to push centres to find people fit for work.  Paul Barney Barnard first attended Atos  at 2pm Monday 16th april 2012. I was told that there was a considerable wait.  I had a hospital appointment, I requested a postponement. It was rebooked for Friday 20th April at 08.30 am when I insisted upon a copy of their policy on recording myself, the assessor became angry, shouted at me despite asking her 3 times not to, and abandoned the assessment. I complained to Atos.  Then another appointment booked for Monday 18th June 2012 – which I believe was cancelled whilst my complaint was being heard. So another appointment for the 3rd July 2012 was made and then cancelled by atos for no apparent reason. Then an appointment for Thursday the 9th August 2012 was attended.  When I expressed my fears regarding the process after two documentaries on national television, and informed the assessor that my notes might be used in a legal case, she simply walked out leaving me and my companions in the room for 20 minutes until the receptionist came to help us.

An appointment for 2.30 pm on Monday 10th September was carried out. I felt intimidated on two counts.

1 -that Atos healthcare had threatened me with “referral back to the DWP if my behaviour intimidated their staff” for which there was no clearer explanation, and being received on the Friday previous, I had no way of clarifying this.

2 -that the doctor was accompanied by the receptionist who would have no right to access to my medical knowledge.

  • Due to the above i was unable to say anything about how I felt for fear of benefit sanctions. I am unable to understand that atos accused me in writing on emails to the DWP of intimidating their staff twice, yet still gave me zero points for this which is 15 points.
  • That the recorded assessment was 100% misreported regarding my driving a manual car, and that the following were not accurate:
  • I have trouble dealing with people. i am unable due to medication to learn new tasks, or manage to begin and finish daily tasks. i do not take care of bills, and household tasks.
  • I was never able to stay sitting or standing for more than ten minutes.
  • I cannot pick up anything from the floor without considerable pain.

The process from April to September 2012 has caused a huge increase in my anxiety stress and depression, and during that process my back pain became unbearable for up to 4 days at a time. it has triggered a recurrence of strong desires to commit suicide on at least 8 occasions. 


Another claimant has suffered at the hands of the DWP  corruption. I had my appeal assessment on Friday 7th August in Manchester the doctor on the panel was horrible I was in there for around 1 hour and I had loads off questions fired at me I cried because I cant do much with my daughter and I got stuck on some questions I left the room and let them talk came back in 5-10mins later and got standard care even though my partner who is my carer does everything for me and I only got 4 points for mobility even though I had loads off letters saying my mobility is deteriorating but they only awarded me 4 points on mobility I was on higher rate care and higher rate mobility on DLA for 5 years.  Now under DWP I was awarded 0 points on mobility and only 4 points on care and from the tribunal I got 4 points on mobility and 9 points on care, I’m shocked that I didn’t get more points I need my mobility more then care I’m home bound because of this and don’t know what I am supposed to do now as I want to keep fighting this.

This campaign began in July, everyone effected knows exactly what has been going on under the radar.  Our complaints and voices have been ignored. The media has portrayed ‘victims’ as liars, deceivers, and  lazy. They public genuinely has been misled to believe there is a sub-group of work-shy people who deserve every punishment going because it is their ‘hard working tax’ that is paying for these malingerers.
However, the truth will out, and slowly the cracks in the damn are causing leaks.
Groups are now uniting under the banner of #uniteandfight.  Please join in this twitter storm .  Go on to twitter.  Upload the above image.  hashtag #uniteandfight say you are against sanctions and WCA and add .
Returning to the latest faux pas of the government, in mid August 2015, an aspect of the DWP’s manipulation leaked out. Following a freedom of information request courtesy of Welfare Weekly, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) admitted that Sarah, along with fellow benefit claimant Zac (who offered up a heart-warming tale of notifying the jobcentre of his hospital appointment in advance, thus safeguarding his claim) were only used in their promotional materials “for illustrative purposes”. (Yet a whistleblower has even described sanctioning someone who was in hospital following a heart attack who had notified JSP so even this lie is wrapped in further lies.)


Naturally, there’s no suggestion anywhere on the leaflet – which has mysteriously disappeared from the DWP website but has been downloaded by Welfare Weekly – that these claimants are fictional. The positive spin is so firmly rooted in the realms of fantasy as to be ludicrous, and follows an incident last year where the department was accused of planting fake tweets praising the much-maligned universal credit measures, though it denied this Tales abound from claimants who have been sanctioned for a range of bizarre and trivial reasons  please see  (http://stupidsanctions.tumblr.com/)  such as failing to apply for a job that had expired, or missing a jobcentre appointment that clashed with a work programme interview. There have been punishments that are shocking in their heartlessness: it could be a funeral, a stillbirth, a heart attack, a premature labour that causes you to miss your signing-on appointment: tough. No excuses. No one wants to be out of work.  Everyone is desperate to find employment. Even those you are deemed not fit for work, desire work, they just cannot do it because of their conditions.  Yet this is never what the public is told. The public are continually badgered with false facts, manipulation, spin, and language that persuades them they are being cheated and conned.


They are of course.  But not by benefit claimants.  Last week, a famished woman whose benefits were stopped was prosecuted and fined more than £300 for stealing a 75p pack of Mars Bars. Reality isn’t quite panning out the way the Conservatives intended.Under the government’s “hard line” approach, almost 1 million jobseeker’s allowance claimants were sanctioned in 2014, yet there are doubts as to the sanctions’ effectiveness in helping people find work. The work and pensions select committee said that the government had not presented evidence that the system was not “purely punitive”. Was this a head line in the press? NO!  Because DWP does not want the public to know the truth.  The truth is ‘cutting benefits kills’ and that this powerless group in society needs to be enabled and empowered, not tortured, abused, and treated like a criminal.

I have skimmed over the current issues reguarding Work Capability Assessments (WCA) and Sanctions.  I have skimmed over the media and DWP manipgeorge-canning-statesman-quote-i-can-prove-anything-by-statisticsulation.  I have skimmed over the evidence and facts, the death soon to be released and twisted to prove their innocence not guilt.

The able and disabled are uniting.  The employed tax payers and the unemployed are uniting.  Unionists and non unionists are uniting.  You do not need to be impacted by Sanctions or WCA – I am not.  But I am a human.  I believe in humanity.  I believe that it is our duty as human beings to protect the vulnerable in our community.  Since the stone age there is evidence that the elderly, the disabled and children were looked after by the strong and able.  It is human nature to feel compassion for download (1)those in need, for those vulnerable and weak.  It is our innate nature to strive to protect these people.  They are people.  If a stone age society can recognise this, then how can a civilised society not? We pride ourselves on on living in the ‘information era’ yes people seem to know very little about truth or human beings, but are distracted by trivialities.  Celebrity weddings, what we ate for lunch that we upload to Facebook, mock-umentaries that are like the Colosseum where we can offer a thumbs down for those portrayed as ‘baddies’ and cheer for the ‘goodies’. The list is endless.  If you think about it- really think about it, Strictly Come dancing, The Voice, Britain’s got Talent, Celebrity Get me Out of Here, they are all aimed to stop you thinking.  They may be entertaining, but so was people thrown to the lions in the amphitheatre, but this does not mean it is right.  It does not mean that selfish society is right.  People are people and this could so easily be you.  You have no idea what is around the corapathyner, if you do not stand up for the powerless, then what right do you have to complain when you become vulnerable?  We all age, one day we will all be old (hopefully) we will rely on others, we will rely on the state.  Does that make us criminals? No!  But you may be portrayed as so, if we allow this heinous attack on people now.

Additionally, were you aware that only 0.05% maximum of claims have been fraudulent?  That means at least 99.5% are genuine claims.  This tiny fraction in society that has tried to take advantage of society has been a means for the elite and powerful to embellish the truth and justify pain and suffering to all the vulnerable with your silent consent.


Don’t give your consent to destroying the lives of the weak and vulnerable.  Make a stand and say NO!

Yours Faithfully



An Open letter to David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith, Justin Tomlinson and the Conservative Party of Great Britain

Online Militant Disabled Movement

Dear Mr Cameron et al,


I am writing to you about the merciless war you and your Government appear to be waging against disabled people in this country.
What are you trying to do to us? Before the election in May there were numerous reports in the press that you were planning on restricting the amount of money disabled people can claim under the Access to Work Scheme prior to axing it copletely. Yesterday saw the end of the Independent Living Fund. This morning we awoke to the news that you are proposing to reduce Employment Support Allowance by getting rid of the Work Related Activity Group and cut the amount of money disabled people receive.
Do you understand what this money you are trying to ‘save’ is used for? I’m not sure that you do. Let me explain:
Access to Work (AtW) is money is granted to disabled…

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#uniteandfight #budgetkills

Online Militant Disabled Movement

Disabled People in the UK are currently scared and battered by the inhumanity of the Conservative Government and their merciless cuts.

In a few, short days, we will learn what they have in store for us next in the, so-called, ‘Emergency Budget’.

Over the past few days and weeks we have had clues, leaks and statements but, on Wednesday, we will learn the truth.

This is the time when we need to spring into action if we are going to survive. No longer can we just sit back and take it. No longer can we let them walk all over us. No longer can we let them do what they want if we want to live.

Too many people have died due to cutbacks and sanctions. Now is the time to say ‘No’.

Many different groups of Disabled People are starting to get organised and are starting to fight back…

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Online event… Petition every MP in opposition!

Online Militant Disabled Movement

Been a busy few days here at United Disabled Resistance Movement


The welfare and work reform Bill has terrified those of us who are once again being targeted by the harsh ‘its better to work’ rhetoric when we are never ever going to be fit for work.  It has been soul destroying knowing we are at the mercy of people who will never understand the diversity of the label disabled.  Feeling powerless, helpless and hopeless some of us decided we would leave our mark on the government by sharing our very emotional and personal stories, about how we became disabled, what we go through daily being disabled, the painful treatments we endure, the side effects of these treatment, how Welfare reform over the last 5 years has impacted us, and what potentially this new reform will do to us.


It has not been easy, but for anyone out there who…

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The tragedy of trying to be heard when you are a Benefit scrounger- The 2015 #WelfareBill

When Plebs begged all opposition MPs to support them against Welfare cuts, no one expected Labour to let them down. Members from the United Disabled Resistance Movement wrote to 340 Mp’s in all opposition parties sharing with them the most intimate stories of their lives.

It was thought that the rhetoric and narrative of scroungers, plebs, skivers and shirkers were damaging those genuinely vulnerable.  0.05% of claimants are believed to be not genuine, although some members of the press have worked for Government spin doctors to massively manipulate these statistics.  The most shocking was the Daily Telegraph who reported that 75% of claimants were fake. The Welfare reform and work Bill will destroy thousands of applicants.

IDS - failed soldier

I do not say this flippantly.  I do not mean that the vulnerable will not be able to have a holiday a year, or be forced off their fat arses to get a job, I mean that the vulnerable will die.  It is that simple.  Who would have thought that Labour the party established to help the Labour work force and the vulnerable would put politics before the people?

Terence S Carter

Terrence S Carter


Well anyone who has an interest in politics possibly would.  Since 1997 the Blairites swept in with New Labour.  So what exactly was new labour? It was a wolf in sheeps clothing.  The party was not Left, it started off centre and moved more right every year it existed.

It was Labour who brought in Atos that declared dying people fit to work.

It was Labour that brought in New deal for the unemployed which created sanctions.

It was Labour who brought in Employment support Allowance ESA for the disabled which intimidated, pressured, and threatened vulnerable adults into ‘finding work’ which actually killed them.

It was Labour who ignored Millions of people demonstrating on the anti Irag war who were then ignored and lied to that Iraq had nuclear arms (they did not) that Iraq is in breach of UN conventions and this is legal (it was not).

So what was this New Labour?  It was about power, corruption, and position.  Though it sickens me to say, Labour were the New torys.

This may not have been noticed by many people.  Those in work suddenly got child tax credits and working tax credits their financial lives improved, child centre’s popped up everywhere to help people with young children, and it looked as though we were in the boom years!  In a sense we were, the entire world (western) was in a boom but this boom existed solely in a bubble and bubbles sadly burst.  When the recession hit everyone blamed the existing government whose loyalty to Tony Blair seemed to prevent them from telling the truth.  Labour never caused the global recession.  Has anyone noticed how tiny UK is?  United Kingdom was impacted by the global recession.

MGFTDSo this is what happened in brief.  USA had allowed bankers corruption, the money borrowed could not be paid back in time, people get edgy, suddenly the housing market crashed, big businesses went out of business, this effected the world who were involved with these big businesses ..the world hit recession.


The conservatives jumped on this opportunity to inform all of UK that Labour were inept with the economy (lots of rhetoric, narrative, propaganda, spin doctors spinning).  The public believed this and the Conservatives got in to the Government by the skin of their teeth by being propped up by the Liberal Democrats. The Liberals held no actual power, they could not demand anything, but at least could hold the tories back.  Since the Liberal Party had promised student if it got into power it would remove student loans, the tripling of student loans meant everyone suddenly thought that the Liberals were liars.


FACT: They held no power, they could not force or persuade the Conservative party to do anything.  The conservative party actually wanted to quadruple the student fee’s but the Liberals (weak and low on numbers) fought to get them down as much as they did.  It was the conservatives who attacked students.  It was the liberals who reined them in.

So Election 2015, everyone has been heavily attacked and cut to breaking point. Everyone was angry.  But there was no alternative. Ed Miliband failed to explain they were not inept with finances.  No one realised that Labour did not cause the recession, but that it was a GLOBAL recession,conservatives played on this, and also blamed the Liberals for everything that had gone wrong whilst the Torys were in Government.  The Tory party have billions to spend on spin  they used the rhetoric ‘hard-working tax payers’ to fool blue collar workers via programmes asserting scroungers and benefit cheats along with sensationalised tabloids meant everyone believed this and fell for it again.



So back to the present, we have a tory party, we have a Labour Tory party, and we have UKIP who are right of the tory party. The Labour Tory party does not care about the vulnerable or Labour workforce. They want power and position.  They have continued with the Tory rhetoric of scroungers and ‘hard-working tax payers’ and have claimed that the ‘people’ have spoken.  The ‘people’ do not want anyone ‘soft’ on welfare (well Labour have hardly been known as welfare softies if we look at the Blairite years) and they (the public) want economic stability without helping the vulnerable.

NB Only 24% of those eligible to vote actually put a cross next to a Tory.  The Tory party got into power with a very slight majority. But 76% of the uk Population did not vote Tory, so who are these ‘people’ the Labour party speaks of? 


The truth is, Labour-Tory are deceiving the public.  They could speak to the 76% who did not vote conservative and win, but they don’t want to.  They want to continue allowing the conservatives to oppress the vulnerable so they cannot get blamed and then if they get into office they can keep the status quo but say it is not our fault, the Torys did this.  Why?

article-0-024784E6000005DC-390_468x32148596-blair-bmpbullingdonclub CameronEton2_468x420enhanced-buzz-wide-17814-1430902094-7 Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Gideon (George) Osborne, Tony Blair, Bankers, Stock Brokers, Royalty

They are elite, it is a club. The elite look after the elite.  Plebs serve only to provide taxes which the elite live off.  We pay for them to live lives we could not even dream of let alone possibly obtain.

So back to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, slyly Iain Duncan Smith  ran the first reading of this bill just 24 hours after the budget was declared, giving the oppositions little time to to read, decipher interpret, and oppose. So the second reading was the time for the opposition to go in armed to throw this Bill out.

But Harriet Harman- standing leader for the Labour party is a Blairite aka Labour-Tory. She demanded all Labour members abstain.  Abstaining is silent consent.  Like her fellow opposition MPs (Torys) she went to public school, she lived a privileged life. She never went to bed hungry, she never had the Electric turn off in the early evening and you didn’t have the money to turn it back on so you all go to bed because there is nothing else to do, she never chipped ice off the inside if her windows in winter.  She has no comprehension if poverty.


 The ignorant belief is: Poverty exists because people are too lazy to work.  They need to be incentivised to work.  The carrot approach does not work, we must use the stick approach by cutting their ‘benefits’. (another rhetoric there is no benefit to benefits it was called social security because it secured society against hardship). They know that most people on these ‘benefits’ are in fact used by those in full time employment.  They know that these people are working nay grafting in a way they never would nor could, and come home exhausted and sleep. But they do not care.  They do not care about the plebs.  Our worth is only measured in how much tax we pay them so they can live for free, ‘sponging off the state’, like the Queen in a position of power and and status.  Just exactly why are we attacking disabled people who are vulnerable and in genuine need for receiving £30 a week  more than those on JSA, when Iain Duncan Smith paid £39 for a breakfast which we the tax payers paid for!!!

There are no programmes called MP scroungers, elite skivers, so the public do not see this!


By using the language ‘making work pay’ no one could argue against that. Of course we want work to pay.  Of course we need an increase in the minimum wage, but this is not what it means.  It means that they will withdraw all financial support to everyone who depends on welfare (they depend on our Welfare but they do not count).  So everyone in work who is on a very low wage, will lose their working tax credit, their housing benefit, their child tax credit, their child benefit.  Yet they will not be getting a higher wage yet, and when they do, it will not balance out what the government has stolen from them. These are the ‘hard-working tax payers’ who all parties purported to be standing for!  If this is what they do to the people they are standing for, what will they do to the people they are standing against?

If you cannot work.  If you rely everyday on carers to get you dressed, to wipe your ass, to change your nappy, to move you around the house on a winch, to feed you, to give you medications, to collect your medications to wash you, then you will never be able to make work pay. If you cannot work, how can you improve your life?  You cant. They know this, these are the burdens on society.  They offer nothing yet take, take, take!


Humanity has gone.  Apathy rules. No one cares about others.  We walk past the homeless on the streets and try not to make eye contact, because we do not care.  We do not want to part with any pennies in our pocket to help them.  Only we matter.  Only our needs, our worries, our hopes, our little bubbles come first. The government has created this ideology well.  It means we do not care any-more.  We do not care about politics only 66.1% of registered voters turned out.  I know many unregistered voters who are not even counted in this statistic.  They want you to not care about others.


Have you not noticed how all you ever read about or see is how different sub-groups are the enemy? The disabled, the unemployed, the poor, immigrants, etc.  They want you to not care about others, to detach yourself from others, so when these groups are hurt you do not even bat an eye lid.  They deserve it.  They have done all these things which has hurt YOU directly.  You know this because you have been told.  Over and over again, on tv, in the papers, in the news in reality shows.


Thing is, this will not stop.  This is like testing the waters. As Manic street preachers once sang

 ‘If you tolerate this (against the weakest in the country) then your children will be next’.

Then it will be you.  Only the in-group will escape.  If you did not go to Eaton, and Oxbridge this is not you.

This does impact YOU, this does effect YOU, you just cant see it yet. When you do see it, it will be too late, as then who will help you?  Who will be left to help you?  If no one listened to most vulnerable in the country, then why will you matter?  You wont.


Here is the full list of every MP who voted against the Welfare Reform and Work Bill .

If your MP is not here they either voted for or abstained.

Abbott, Diane – Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Abrahams, Debbie – Labour MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth
Ahmed-Sheikh, Tasmina – SNP MP for Ochil and South Perthshire
Anderson, David – Labour MP for Blaydon
Arkless, Richard – SNP MP for Dumfries and Galloway
Bardell, Hannah – SNP MP for Livingston
Black, Mhairi – SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South
Blackford, Ian – SNP MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber
Blackman, Kirsty – SNP MP for Aberdeen North
Boswell, Philip – SNP MP for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
Brake, Tom – Lib Dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington
Brock, Deidre – SNP MP for Edinburgh North and Leith
Brown, Alan – SNP MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun
Burgon, Richard – Labour MP for Leeds East
Butler, Dawn – Labour MP for Brent Central
Cameron, Dr Lisa – SNP MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow
Campbell, Gregory – DUP MP for East Londonderry
Carmichael, Alistair – Lib Dem MP for Orkney and Shetland
Chapman, Douglas – SNP MP for Dunfermline and West Fife
Cherry, Joanna – SNP MP for Edinburgh South West
Clegg, Nick – Lib Dem MP for Sheffield Hallam
Clwyd, Ann – Labour MP for Cynon Valley
Corbyn, Jeremy – Labour MP for Islington North
Cowan, Ronnie – SNP MP for Inverclyde
Crawley, Angela – SNP MP for Lanark and Hamilton East
Davies, Geraint – Labour MP for Swansea West
Day, Martyn – SNP MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk
Docherty, Martin John – SNP MP for West Dunbartonshire
Dodds, Nigel – DUP MP for Belfast North
Donaldson, Jeffrey M – DUP MP for Lagan Valley
Donaldson, Stuart – SNP MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine
Dowd, Peter – Labour MP for Bootle
Durkan, Mark – SDLP MP for Foyle
Edwards, Jonathan – Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Farron, Tim – Lib Dem MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale
Fellows, Marion – SNP MP for Motherwell and Wishaw
Ferrier, Margaret – SNP MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West
Flynn, Paul – Labour MP for Newport West
Gethins, Stephen – SNP MP for North East Fife
Gibson, Patricia – SNP MP for North Ayrshire and Arran
Glindon, Mary – Labour MP for North Tyneside
Godsiff, Roger – Labour MP for Birmingham, Hall Green
Goodman, Helen – Labour MP for Bishop Auckland
Grady, Patrick – SNP MP for Glasgow North
Grant, Peter – SNP MP for Glenrothes
Gray, Neil – SNP MP for Airdrie and Shotts
Greenwood, Margaret – Labour MP for Wirral West
Haigh, Louise – Labour MP for Sheffield, Heeley
Harris, Carolyn – Labour MP for Swansea East
Hayman, Sue – Labour MP for Workington
Hendry, Drew – SNP MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey
Hosie, Stewart – SNP MP for Dundee East
Hussain, Imran – Labour MP for Bradford East
Jones, Gerald – Labour MP for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Jones, Helen – Labour MP for Warrington North
Kaufman, Sir Gerald – Labour MP for Manchester Gorton
Kerevan, George – SNP MP for East Lothian
Kerr, Calum – SNP MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk
Khan, Sadiq – Labour MP for Tooting
Kinahan, Danny – UUP MP for South Antrim
Lamb, Norman – Lib Dem MP for North Norfolk
Lammy, David – Labour MP for Tottenham
Lavery, Ian – Labour MP for Wansbeck
Law, Chris – SNP MP for Dundee West
Lewis, Clive – Labour MP for Norwich South
Long Bailey, Rebecca – Labour MP for Salford and Eccles
Lucas, Caroline – Green MP for Brighton, Pavilion
MacNeil, Angus Brendan – SNP MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar
Marris, Rob – Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West
Maskell, Rachael – Labour MP for York Central
Mc Nally, John – SNP MP for Falkirk
McCaig, Callum – SNP MP for Aberdeen South
McDonald, Andy – Labour MP for Middlesbrough
McDonald, Stewart – SNP MP for Glasgow South
McDonald, Stuart C – SNP MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East
McDonnell, Dr Alasdair – SDLP MP for Belfast South
McDonnell, John – Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington
McGarry, Natalie – SNP MP for Glasgow East
McInnes, Liz – Labour MP for Heywood and Middleton
McLaughlin, Anne – SNP MP for Glasgow North East
Meacher, Michael – Labour MP for Oldham West and Royton
Mearns, Ian – Labour MP for Gateshead
Monaghan, Carol – SNP MP for Glasgow North West
Monaghan, Dr Paul – SNP MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross
Moon, Madeleine – Labour MP for Bridgend
Morris, Grahame M – Labour MP for Easington
Mulholland, Greg – Lib Dem MP for Leeds North West
Mullin, Roger – SNP MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath
Newlands, Gavin – SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North
Nicolson, John – SNP MP for East Dunbartonshire
O’Hara, Brendan – SNP MP for Argyll and Bute
Osamor, Kate – Labour MP for Edmonton
Oswald, Kirsten – SNP MP for East Renfrewshire
Paisley, Ian – DUP MP for North Antrim
Paterson, Steven – SNP MP for Stirling
Pearce, Teresa – Labour MP for Erith and Thamesmead
Pugh, John – Lib Dem MP for Southport
Rimmer, Marie – Labour MP for St Helens South and Whiston
Ritchie, Margaret – SDLP MP for South Down
Robertson, Angus – SNP MP for Moray
Salmond, Alex – SNP MP for Gordon
Saville Roberts, Liz – Plaid Cymru MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Shannon, Jim – DUP MP for Strangford
Sheppard, Tommy – SNP MP for Edinburgh East
Sherriff, Paula – Labour MP for Dewsbury
Siddiq, Tulip – Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn
Skinner, Dennis – Labour MP for Bolsover
Smith, Cat – Labour MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood
Stephens, Chris – SNP MP for Glasgow South West
Stevens, Jo – Labour MP for Cardiff Central
Stringer, Graham – Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton
Thewliss, Alison – SNP MP for Glasgow Central
Thomson, Michelle – SNP MP for Edinburgh West
Weir, Mike – SNP MP for Angus
Whiteford, Dr Eilidh – SNP MP for Banff and Buchan
Whitford, Dr Philippa – SNP MP for Central Ayrshire
Williams, Hywel – Plaid Cymru MP for Argon
Williams, Mr Mark – Lib Dem MP for Ceredigion
Wilson, Corri – SNP MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock
Wilson, Sammy – DUP MP for East Antrim
Winnick, David – Labour MP for Walsall North
Wishart, Pete – SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire
Wright, Iain – Labour MP for Hartlepool
Zeichner, Daniel – Labour MP for Cambridge

All members of UDRM wish to thank those who responded and tried their best to save us from the evident culling by the Conservative Party, of the disabled.


How many more will now die that they have been cut further?

A total of 48 Labour MPs – including 18 who were elected in May – voted against the measures.  SNP MP Pete Wishart said it was “apparent” that Labour and the SNP together could have defeated the bill.  Yet they didnt.

Within the Labour party are GENUINE Labour MP’s, those are the ones who voted to protect the vulnerable.  They are not part of the Labour-Tory Party.  These members need to expand, they need to follow their party ethos.  Labour-Tory members need to decide do you care about people? If yes then stay in Labour Party.  If no then join the Torys.

Corbyn-meme-650Jeremy Corbyn 

What would you have done if you had read these emails (below) from desperate and vulnerable people begging for help to survive? Would you have voted against this Bill, would you have abstained?


I am a benefit scrounger.

I spent my life living with severe disabilitys and illness’s and ignored them untill it took over. I never claimed anything.

I worked non stop from 15 years old in employment and self employment, aswell as putting my self though college and university. I paid for it all my self.

I had to stop working when i found out i had a genetic cancer and 11 major surgerys i had to claim income support. so i was called a benefit scrounger.

I went back to self employment soon as i went into remisson. And never claimed anything i was told to claim.

Fir 12 years i was advised to claim what was called DLA i never claimed.

Last year my debilitating illness on top of other illness’s became too bad and with no cure or treatment available to aleviate the symptoms i had no choice but to claim. I am now again called a benefit scrounger.

I am in ESA am a benefit scrounger.

I am in enhanced rate both consonants personal independance payment. I must be a benefit scrounger.

My life is lived day by day. My disability will lead to my death. I have to see 6 specialists to help with the devestating inpacts my disability has on my body. I must be a benefit scrounger.

I can hardly see, walk, move and in severe pain on a daily basis and have to take 15 different medications. I must be a benefit scrounger.

This is me. – i am a benefit scrounger.


I am disabled, so I am a benefit scrounger.

I receive DLA, so I am a benefit scrounger.

I am self employed and have used my DLA to reconfigure my life in the face of disability, but my career is in the arts so I am a benefit scrounger.

I was a professional nurse before becoming disabled. I now have half an NHS pension so I am a benefit scrounger.

I know full well that no reduction to my benefits income will incentivise my brain to repair the damage done to it, so I am a benefit scrounger.

I am terribly afraid of the implications of a PIP assessment to my life, so I am a benefit scrounger


Every day is a struggle for me, whether to get up or not, never knowing how I am going to feel, or if I have a bad dream (side effect of the Venlafaxine…) it ruins the whole day. I have good days and bad ones, I suffer from Social Anxiety and paranoia…

Hate public transport..going shopping is a nightmare mostly..I have put on weight due to the meds..it has ruined my sex drive. Sometimes I forget to have a bath for a 2 to 3 days, or I forget to eat, I need prompting to take my medication..

I would like to work, but living with severe depression is not easy. I suffer from intrusive thoughts, and when I’m really bad I get tired of living and have tried to end it on a few occasions…I do some voluntary work and live in supported accomodation…

I am TERRIFIED of living on my own now that this Government is in power…I sometimes think that I would be better off back in jail…

So, the life of ‘riley’ it ain’t…Scrounger? Hmm, but I used to work and pay taxes and N.I..where did that go then???..I could go on, but there would not be enough space…Please vote against the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015/16….Thank you.


I am a “Benefits Scrounger”

I spent years in education gaining my degree and professional qualifications instead of working, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I was a teacher for over 25 years before having to give up my career, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I paid tax and National Insurance for 30 years, but I am no longer able to work so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I have had to take a reduced ill health professional pension which means I am entitled to £20 per week ESA, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I get high rate DLA as I am unable to walk more than a few steps using crutches, and require a wheelchair pushed by a carer, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I spend my bad days in bed in absolute agony, lazing around fecklessly instead of getting up, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I spend my rare “good” days in a wheelchair, which means I am lazy and so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I am unable to cook, shop, do laundry or housework, this total ‘laziness’ means so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I am looked after by my husband, who has to care for me, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I have two children currently at University, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I have had over 14 operations and multiple additional treatments on the NHS, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I take so much medication that I don’t have to pay for, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I have a manual wheelchair given to me by the NHS, so I must be a Benefits Scrounger.
I take high dose daily opiate medication, which barely touches the pain, so I must be a lazy drug addicted Benefits Scrounger.
I am unable to sit upright for long, which makes me unable to use a computer or laptop, so I have the cheek to own an iPad, shouldn’t be allowed this luxury when you’re a Benefits Scrounger like I am.
I also have the cheek to own a second hand mobile phone with a sim only £8 monthly contract, as I cannot move enough to answer a fixed land line, shouldn’t be allowed this luxury when you’re a Benefits Scrounger like I am.
I have a television, shouldn’t be allowed this luxury when you’re a Benefits Scrounger like I am.
I went on holiday to a caravan in Cornwall for 5 days about 6 years ago, shouldn’t be allowed this luxury when you’re a Benefits Scrounger like I am.

On July 21st, please vote against the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015-16.
We are real people, suffering real disabilities and illnesses.
These cuts are killing us.
The money ‘saved’ by this reform is less than the unclaimed benefits in this country, yet will target the most vulnerable groups in society.
Shame on you if you do not try to halt this war on the disabled.


I am a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I don’t work so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I am disabled and I am unable to leave my bed so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I receive Disability Living Allowance and Employment Support Allowance so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I lie around in my bed all day so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I am well educated with a degree and a post-graduate qualification but I don’t go out to work so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I have two children I don’t go out to work to support so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

My adult children cannot help support me as one is in receipt of Employment Support Allowance because they are also disabled and my other child is an apprentice earning the National Apprentice Minimum Wage of £6.50p/h for a 40 hour week. We live in a three bedroom social housing home paid for by Housing Benefit so we must all be Benefits Scroungers.

I have paid Tax and National Insurance for 30 years but I am now too ill to work so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I am not looking for work because I am too ill and disabled so I must be a ‘Benefit Scrounger’.

I need two strangers to strip me, wash me, dress me, change my nappy as I am doubly incontinent, feed me, clean up after me, do my laundry and do some housework every day but I don’t go out to work to pay for it so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I have nurses coming to my house to treat my open, infected bed-sores every day but I don’t pay for this so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

I am allowed to sit in my wheelchair for around 4 hours on one day every week which means I cannot go out to work so I must be a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.

This is me – I am a ‘Benefits Scrounger’.



I was a happy child although I seemed a burden to her parents. Their first child, my brother demanded a lot of attention and in turn I was left by the way side, unloved and neglected, left to her own devices in life trying to cope the best I could with upcoming unknown traumatic events in her life.
Growing up life was very confusing for her, her mother was very poorly and in bed for around 10 years, her father was a working alcoholic. I don’t remember a lot about her child hood. This isn’t unusual when memories are suppressed for so many years. Some would say her father was a narcissist and her mother was emotionally challenged. Violence was not unusual in her family unit She would often witness it and on occasion be subjected to it.
When I was about 12 my parents approached me and told me I was being sent away to a family in Germany for a holiday, they went on to explain that I would be travelling to Germany alone on a plane but would meet family on the other side. I always seemed confident with a happy smile and contagious laugh. Deep down she was petrified, she was being sent away through no fault of her own, I wasn’t naughty, I wasn’t challenging but her parents felt it was necessary because of her mothers illness. My brother wasn’t sent to Germany he stayed at home because my parents feared he would go off the rails. The holiday lasted 6 months. On my return it seemed the dynamics had changed within my family unit. Where had my parents gone? My dad still drinking away and my mother still in her room rotting with my illness. I had to grow up and grow up quick! I became her parents parents on top of attending school and trying to get good grades. My education suffered as a result of this responsibility. Further education was not an option as in that time I had developed undiagnosed depression.
My teenage years were filled with boys,drinking and occasional drug use (experimental) trying to battle anxiety and depression, I had been living the life on an adult when in fact I was still a child. My childhood was lost, no happy memories to recall just deep fear and regret. I met a man in my teenage years that was sexually confused. I was subjected to sexual abuse by this much older man
When I was 19 I fell pregnant accidentally I had always searched far and wide for love and belonging, my anxiety and depression were at an all time high as I knew her parents would be disgusted and feel shame. I was persuaded to terminate my pregnancy by my parents and I always done what she was told. I had deep regret and it plays a part in her anxieties. Oh how I wished I got to have my child. He or she would be 15 now.
I was in and out of menial jobs never fitting in anywhere I could never understand why I was such an outcast and always felt inferior to others. It was like it had been ingrained into her brain like a robotic system of sorts.
I took on men who were broken and I would better their lives neglecting myself but in the end they all left when their life had turned around. I was a saviour of souls and so selfless
I finally met a man he was religious of sorts and I admired that his faith was so important. I was not religious but always accepted others beliefs. I became pregnant and was over the moon. Finally a baby to care for and love like no one else could. Sadly the relationship with the religious man broke down due to religious differences and outlook on the babies life. The religious man vanished after my baby was born.
I suffered a massive trauma giving birth. Both I and the child nearly died. When my son was about one years old I didn’t feel well mentally and I knew I needed help. I turned to the local Mental Health team and I was diagnosed with GAD, PTSD, and clinical depression. With medication my life picked up a bit. I was still suffering but that brave face was always on show. My son was very important to me and would not see him suffer. I suffered another relationship breakdown when my son was about four years old. Another broken man had taken advantage of my kindness.
In 2008 I had finally broken. My brain had had enough it was bruised it was dead. It had nothing more to give. I was a physical body/shell with no mind, no functioning abilities. My life was is the toilet and it had been flushed away. I was suicidal I was going to jump. My mind was not mine who’s Mind was this? Where did I go? I went to the dark side of life. How could I get out? I was sent to psychatirc day treatment for 9 weeks. I was a danger to myself. Pumped with medication. I responded well to treatment and my recovery plan had started. I fought every day of my life to get better aiming for that feeling of once was. That feeling was never to be seen again. My recovery is still on going.
I have been targeted by the government and the DWP. Apparently people who are sick are skivers. They are committing some sort of fraud living on social security.
The vulnerable me was part of the reforms by the DWP. I lost my home and became street homeless. I had been sanctioned unknowingly. My brain couldn’t cope and I relapsed. My recovery will be on going for life. I am sick not a skiver or a lazy person. I have a poorly brain. Needing a cocktail of drugs to keep me alive and drugs for a spinal trauma in 2003.
I am a person, I am not a number or even a name. I am a human being a vulnerable ill stricken human who does not agree with reform in such a severe way.

I beg you to oppose the  Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015/16 as I fear for my own life if I am abused any further.

Dear sir/madam

I left school at 17, and went straight In to work, and at 32 I had a accident at work, being a striver, I carried on for 3 more years, using a trolley as a Zimmer frame, I shuffled slowly, and in a lot of pain and falls. Me and my husband worked hard and even managed to buy a property, and when I couldn’t carry on working any longer, and after using up our savings, we had to claim benefits. But in the last 5 years I am now known as a shiver, shirker in the eyes of the people, down to the conservative rhetoric,backed up by the media, against people who claim benefit, that were legally allowed. My husband didn’t want to claim benefits, so he wanted to contribute somehow, so went self employed, but he feels he is classed as a skiver because he can only do 16hrs, he has to look after me, our kids, does the housework, which then makes me feel bad enough because of my physical and invisible disabilities, I feel awful that my family can’t do what other families do, we feel victimised by this country, with the rhetoric of names we are called. Each time we are hit by changes to welfare, either the stress and anxiety on all the family and pressure of inadequate medicals for disability and sickness benefits,that’s incapacity benefit to employment and support allowance, which i had to go to court to be put in to the support group,and having the dla, being screwed up with someone else’s medical being used for my report that was done by paper, and fighting hard to get when they tried to cover up saying, that it was transcribed wrong, i caught them out, and had a home medical eventually, and when my renewal esa was done waited over a year to be told that i didn’t warrant a home visit even though they had a medical evidence and a doctor request for one, having to kick up a stink getting my MP involved and my gp writing another letter confirming my medical history as i was told it was 6 months out of date, i finally was put back in support group. and now by the latest tax credit cuts, which we will lose a lot of money, with no chance of making up, as he can’t expand his hours, or have his money put up due to self employment, as he doesn’t get to the tax threshold now, none of these will help us next year.So please think twice before voting for these welfare changes, because lives are in your hands. Please vote against the welfare reform and work bill 2015/16. Tina, member of UDRM+OMDM



I am called a benefit skiver, yet all my life I have been a striver. From the age of 3 years I strived to not be anally sexually abused, then I strived to not have bowel incontinence. I strived academically so hard I repressed the memories of my abuse. I went to Law school for 3 years doing my Llb hons Law, working and paying tax as I had done since I was 16 years old,  to support myself through Education.

I married, my husband has always worked full time paying tax, we have 3 children. 13 years ago my repressed memories started to escape. I developed agoraphobia, monophobia and finally full blown PTSD. I was never weak. I was born with a spinal deformity and hyperjoint mobility. I have always had to fight against my own body to achieve. I attended physiotherapy most of my childhood and teens which I have been unable to attend since developing agoraphobia, so my mental health has meant I am forced to neglect my Physical health. I know I have arthritus in my feet, knee’s lower back and hips.  I am 36 years old and fear for my future because I am in pain everyday all day now.  

It has taken me 13 years to get therapy to fully assess me I have had 6 session of an extended assessment, and now I am on another 6 sessions of extended assessment. I appealed to Mps, councillors, advocates, Mind charity. The delay in my therapy means I am now a seriously complex case. This means it is unlikely to ever be ‘cured’ 

 I need 24 hr care. I do not eat, I need to be made to eat. I do not wash, I do not bathe, I do not clean my teeth, I self harm. I live in bed because I feel exposed anywhere else. 

My incontinence shames me, I need prompting to go to the toilet because the sensation triggers my PTSD. I have many accidents, I need to be cleaned. I have lost my own life. I have lost my children’s childhoods. 

We survive on my husbands wage which is totally consumed by rent and council tax. My family lives entirely off the child tax credits and working tax credit. My additional needs are paid for by my enhanced rate PIP. We rely on the support of housing benefit. The 5 of us live in a 3 bedroom terrace house close to my carer who does not drive. We cannot get a council house because one does not exist. My husband works physically hard everyday leaving for work at 5am picking up just over £200.00 a week. If our welfare is cut, we will break.

 You have no idea how feeling attacked by the government feels when you have been attacked all your life everyday. I have lived through physical  and emotional abuse from caregivers, peers, partners.  Now the media and Government are physically abusing me through financial neglect and mentally abusing me through this rhetoric and narrative of skiver, shirker, scrounger.  180 people report disability hate crime a day.  This has not come from ‘no-where’. There is a direct correlation between what politicians label people as, the the reinforcement of those labels via docu-soaps and the tabloids.

 I do not know how we will cope, seriously I do not know if I will stay alive. I am an at risj patient who is overwhelmed by the direct targeting of people with disabilities.  

 I still aspire, I aspire to recover one day, I aspire to finally fulfil my career. Do not assume that because we are on welfare we are not strivers, and not hard working.  Do not ignore us.  99.5% of all claimants are genuine, and it is those genuine, vulnerable people who are being damaged and killed by these Welfare reforms, because they do not have a choice.  They cannot improve their lives through employment, because they will never ever be capable of any sustained employment.  We are helpless, we are at the mercy of your vote, please consider us.

Please vote against the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015-16