Dear Committee Members: Petition regarding public perception of Labour Party ___________________________________________

I enclose the Petition asking that the Labour Party help us with problems we encounter when speaking to friends and family, workmates, people generally about voting labour. As you will see, I am a new member, and only joined in May. I know that that may mean you don`t take me so seriously as a long term member, but I really do have such hope for labour since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, and well, I thought I would ask that you view my letter and the enclosed petition as it is meant – to help us all get the Labour Party elected in 2020.

This petition is a reflection of how party members, affiliates and voters  view the destructive way labour MP`s go to the Press instead of looking to discuss issues of difference constructively within the Party. We know how appalled the general public are when they see what goes on in the House of Commons, we need to show the public, and members that our M.P.`s are mature and capable enough to be able to disagree without, to put it bluntly acting like children throwing their rattle out of the pram. Since Jeremy Corbyn has been speaking as leader in the House of Commons I, and many new friends I have made through the new found hope in our democracy that Jeremy Corbyn has shown us, have been riveted to PMQ time. This isn`t just because we support Jeremy Corbyn, it is because he conducts himself as we expect our representatives in the House of our Democracy to behave. We need this constructive, listening, debating attitude to be a part of how we conduct ourselves in the Party, surely. We are bound to differ on issues, but what is turning people off is the destructive, personal underhand attacks that our M.P.`s conduct in the media. It wouldn`t matter what our policies are, it wouldn`t matter how well we could run the country and make it better for everybody, for society – if people see us squabbling like children in the media they will not vote for us.

So, I am not saying everybody has to agree, but I have no answer to people I speak to when they throw in my face: look at how nasty they are to each other in the papers and on the t.v. It`s like they don`t really care about us at all, it`s all like a game to them. Please, can you have a rule, or explain to me why not, that says any M.P., when they disagree with an issue, or a detail, first must officially bring it to the Party and get a response from the relevant person/office. In other words try to resolve it in a mature fashion. Then if they still want to go to the media there should be a rule that says the journal/programme/journalist has to agree to notify the department of the person the opinion is about and get THEIR response.

Also, there should be a rule that there are no personal attacks. What a bad example it is to the public, to our children, to witness our politicians resorting to name calling (or the equivalent). I wrote the wording of the petition, and this letter from the heart. It is a reflection of what I think and feel, and what i have heard and read from others who have recently joined, and also other people who don`t normally vote but have started to take an interest because of Jeremy Corbyn, and it gives them hope. Please don`t let us lose it.

Yours faithfully,

Marie Gebhard