Dear the Dwp, Job centre plus, and the public
There is something you need to know! Cutting disability benefits kills!  Not that this has been portrayed.  It is less likely you will have heard of Elaine Christian, or Paul Willcoxsin than the terns scrounger, skiver, shirker.  Both of these people are dead.  Why?  Because Cutting benefits kills.  
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Originally when ESA (Employment support allowance) was introduced its aims were to STOP employers discriminating against the disabled who wanted to and were able to work.  Many disabled people found that despite being capable once their conditions were seen or known they were dismissed.
Iain-Duncan-SmithBut then the government saw an opportunity of using this assessment, to proclaim those whose conditions would mean they could not work ‘fit for work’ .
Why would they do this?
  They do not want to pay life long financial support to those who are BURDENS’ society.  If they put nothing into society, if they pay no tax, no national insurance, do not contribute in any way but take take take, then they must be forced to work.. hooooraaahhhh!
Propped up by media mock-umentaries, comedy sketches like little Britain’s and rhetoric, narrative and slander bounced around in the tabloids and TV of scroungers and skivers. The public were swayed by being exposed this this mis-information and thus perceived those with life long conditions with sympathy to hatred.  This was the intention all along.  Propaganda used to influence the public.
 This was done so that the public would support Welfare cuts to these burdens, would not protest at the loss of life, rights, or legal infringements used to abuse this vulnerable group.  The public has been brainwashed and they do not even realise it!  Jeremy Kyle vehemently attacks anyone not working and refuses to listen to the reasons.  Have they been made redundant?  Are they struggling with mental health issues?  It does not matter this powerless group is the target.
To slightly tangent I wish to impress of you all why they are the target.  The recession was caused by bankers and elite corruption, not the poor or disabled.  But these groups are powerful and friends of the government.  They went to Eton together, their families are inter-married, so they could not blame them.
So they had to blame someone else.  Who to blame though? Blame the weakest people in the country, who cannot afford to defend themselves, have no contacts to defend themselves, are powerless, and at the mercy of the powerful. So this is why it happened.
Now for the consequences!
People died.  Many people died.  People are still dying. These could be people in your family, your grandparents, your parents, your children.  Unemployment and disability and not life style choices.  They can happen to anyone, at any time, and it knocks you off your feet.  Your entire life suddenly changes. Once a person with status and kudos, once a person with aspirations and dreams you are now a person who has become a criminal.  What crime have you committed? The crime of not being a tax payer.  Whether this is short term or a life long change to your life, you will be treated as though you are subservient to anyone employed.  You will be treated like you are scum at the Job Centre where you go to find work, you will be treated as though you are lying and trying to commit fraud if you apply for disability.  The person has not changed.  Inside they are still them, still with that drive, still with that hope but now you are judged differently.  Losing a job or becoming disabled are extremely high on the Holmes=Rahe Stress Inventory, in fact they place 6th and 8th above death of a close friend, pregnancy, moving house and buying a house.  No wonder that people who lose a job or become disabled also go on to develop mental health conditions.
Quick fact of the day!
Everyone has the potential to develop poor mental health it does not discriminate against class, religion, face, gender, nationality, education, status, sexuality or strength.  To develop poor mental health all it takes it 1 moment in your life that totally changes everything.  Your moment may not yet have come, you may be lucky and never meet this moment, but know you are not immune to this, it is always there looming!
Public manipulated
The public were led to believe that these Tax burdens in society needed incentivising to ‘get off their fat arses (The arse is always fat) and get a job’ But this was a lie.  The government knew this was a lie.  The government knew that people were desperate for work, any work, and those unable to work were desperate to not be treated like criminals.  The government wanted to reduce the welfare cost, but forgot to tell anyone that the reason it is so high is because the ‘baby boomers’ have now become pensioners! So a tiny group became targeted by the country, and if every member off this group were to die tomorrow it would not change the Welfare costs.  So why focus on this insignificant group, and plough so much energy and effort into crippling them?  Because it makes the public believe that something is being done against this vermin.
 The government need to be seen to be doing something to benefit the country, even if they have to lie, deceive and manipulate to make it appear this is happening.

DWP admits making up quotes by ‘benefit claimants’ saying sanctions helped them.  This is the tip of the iceberg!

If people are shocked by this then once everything comes out about DWP manipulation, lies and harassment will leave people aghast!And it’s understandable why the Government would want to convince people that sanctions do work with people claiming sickness benefit, considering how much their use is increasing.
Impossible targets have been set which people cannot meet.  They repeatedly get sanctioned (at least 2 weeks with zero funds) which lowers the Unemployment rate. For the government to prove to the public that it is doing something about these heinous criminals (those not currently paying tax) they then use these targets as evidence as a persuasive tool.  People have stopped being people.  They have become numbers and targets.

Numbers do not have feelings, numbers do not have needs, a number do not die, the are deleted! The DWP has no emotional attachment to numbers, targets are all about achieving a result or failing.  Who wants to fail?  It is sadly the front line staff at the Job Centre and Disability assessment companies who do.  These are the people who have to juggle their natural human empathy with the need to keep a job and meet targets, for many this is impossible.  They themselves are fired for not reaching targets or have to leave because their own mental health becomes vulnerable.  Does the government know this?  Yes!

 Iain Duncan Smith met a whistle-blower who has worked for his Department for Work and Pensions for more than 20 years.

Giving the Secretary of State a dossier of evidence, the former Jobcentre Plus adviser told him of a “brutal and bullying” culture of “setting claimants up to fail”.

“The pressure to sanction customers was constant,” he said. “It led to people being stitched-up on a daily basis.”

“We were constantly told ‘agitate the customer’ and that ‘any engagement with the customer is an opportunity to ­sanction

Yet it is this front line staff who are facing this pressure.  The pressure to knowingly starve people breaks many Job centre staff who simply cannot ‘sleep at night’ with the conscience of what is happening to the vulnerable.  Anyone classed as “vulnerable” is generally eligible to claim hardship support immediately, but others – in reality, the vast majority of people lumped into jobseeker’s allowance – are not allowed until the 15th day of being sanctioned. This distinction is quite an insight into DWP thinking: the belief that there is any living person who can be left without money for food for two weeks and not be vulnerable to starving.  The pressure to meet targets that do not reflect reality.  The pressure to be immoral.

Debbie Abrahams said: “I am deeply concerned that sanctions are being used to create the illusion the Government is bringing down unemployment,” Sanctions can last from a couple of days to three years, and leave claimants destitute.

The whistle blower asserted:  managers fraudulently altered claimants’ records, adding: “Managers would change people’s appointments without telling them. The appointment wouldn’t arrive in time in the post so they would miss it and have to be sanctioned. That’s fraud. The customer fails to attend. Their claim is closed. It’s called ‘off-flow’ – they come off the statistics. Unemployment has dropped. They are being stitched up.”

One claimant is experiencing just this right now:
I have had my disability payments stopped by DWP, attended the PIP assessment in June, received a letter 2 weeks later to say that my DLA will be stopped on the 21st July, have had letter from Council to say that due to my circumstances changing they can not pay anymore towards my rent as am on full payment. Have challenged the PIP assessment and am waiting to hear but that could take 8 weeks, so what am I to do in the meantime, will mean rent arrears etc which I have never had before, my sister is helping as much as she can, have worked since I was 15, never been out of work, had a breakdown and have arthritis, am on antidepresents which have been increased due to the worry of this , am visiting doctor every 2 weeks as feeling suicidal, the government do not care about the ordinary people that have worked then become ill, I am 61,
 A Whistle-blower explained this process
“They were treated appallingly, lots of conditions put on them. Many of them were vulnerable people with low self-esteem or coming back off sick. We were setting customers up to fail.
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Debbie Abrahams MP added: “The last thing Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey want is for this uncomfortable truth to be uncovered and that’s why they’ve consistently refused to hold an in-depth inquiry to investigate the appropriate use of sanctions.
I signed on March 2014 until may this year, in just over a year I didn’t see a full payment more than twice.
I was sanctioned for a month summer of 2014, to this day I dnt know way
Just before Christmas I was sanctioned for 3 months for not going to anappointment that I was at, for A4E, turns out that even tho I’d been going to see these people 2 or 3 times a week sometimes doing almost 20 mile round trip on foot, because bus fare is a 5er, when ur sanctioned £5 goes a surprisingly long way. I wasn’t even on they’re books?!!.
So go to sign on at what I hope is the end of my unfair nonsensical sanction to be told I’m going straight in to another 1, you’ve got a choice for why this time, either it’s because I had more than £16,000 in the bank (at the time I didn’t even have a bank account) or because I’d not done enough job searching ( that week alone I’d had 3 interviews & a trial shift ).
So Ian Duncan fuckface got his numbers up, 1 more off benefits, just because it’s impossible to sign on, I’m not back in work, if anything over a couple of years being homeless fighting with the dwp never mind a whole bunch of personal shit that I won’t bore you with, I’m probably less employable, as the state of mind iv been left in because of the rediculousness & incompetence of the dwp & the mini hitlers they have sitting in that pit of vipers we call the job centre….
A Mole working undercover in the Job centre has revealed that Job Centre staff get bonuses for sanctioning benefits claimants and that Job Centres with lower levels of sanctioning are reprimanded.  Take emergency hardship payments for the people having their benefits sanctioned – a system that, as was reported last week, is now removing the benefits of one in six jobseekers each year and is under scrutiny from the UK statistics watchdog. The ideal, he claims, is for every Job Centre advisor to sanction two people per day. A system of ‘sister offices’ and ‘clusters’ enables Job Centres’ sanction levels to be appraised… if a 6ft 2 big aggressive builder was to walk over to the signing section I can assure you he would not be challenged, however the more weaker clientele are.
Mark Wood, aged  44. ws found fit for work by Atos, against his Doctors advice and assertions that he had complex mental health problems. Starved to death after benefits stopped, weighing only 5st 8lb when he died.
Dr Wood being the first to blow the whistle on ATOS gave evidence to the BBC suggested the methods used to assess whether claimants were eligible for the new incapacity benefit- employment  support allowance (ESA)-were “unfair” and skewed against the claimant.
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Tragically this ‘unfair’ system has led to suicides. The pressure of an assessment determining someone life, knowing this system is corrupt, being powerless to prove your innocence (inability to work) when deemed guilty from the start, and faced with official appeals before a panel in a court, is too much for those with emotional and mental vulnerabilities.  The DWP is deliberately imposing this pressure of this vulnerable group. In May 2013 the Upper Tribunal made an ‘interim’ judgment that the WCA puts people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and autism at a “substantial disadvantage”. The DWP immediately appealed against the judgment, but in December 2013 the Court of Appeal upheld the Upper Tribunal’s interim ruling. The Tribunal held further hearings in 2014, focused on whether or not there is a ‘reasonable’ adjustment that the DWP should have put in place. The Upper Tribunal has confirmed its earlier ruling that the WCA puts people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and autism at a “substantial disadvantage”. Anther whistle-blower said in January 2015 that there is an existence of “hit squads” that set claimants up to fail in the pursuit of staff performance targets. There were reports of staff targeting the more vulnerable jobseekers, booking appointments without informing the claimant, and being threatened with disciplinary action if they didn’t refer enough people for sanction. With damning reports such as these, the temptation to coat the cruelty in a shiny gloss must be huge.
AAV describes the WCA assessments as torture and goes on to explain that :
By psychological torture, I mean a form of treatment that that could be considered as a “cruel and unusual punishment” or that that creates states of “learned helplessness, psychological regression or depersonalisation“…….As everyone should know by now, it doesn’t matter what kind of documentary evidence of their illness provided by their GP or medical specialists, if the seriously ill or disabled individual “fails” their 15 odd minute tickbox assessment by Atos, they are stripped of their benefits. It doesn’t matter what kind of concrete medical evidence is presented that the individual isn’t fit for work, the Atos assessment takes primacy.
 DWP  knowingly understand that they can overwhelm vulnerable people. They can dash their only hope and make them feel they are helpless.  Without any hope this group has nothing to fight to live for. This happened to Paul Reekie,  aged 48, he was a Leith based Poet and Author. He suffered from severe depression. Committed suicide after DWP stopped his benefits due to an Atos ‘fit for work’ decision.

'You lot are wrong - he's fit enough to get back up there!'

Yet Iain Duncan-Smith still refuses to release the statistics based on the death rates of those sanctioned and found ‘fit for work’.  Disturbingly this is not the end of the abuse.  If we remained in the status quo people would still die, people would still starve, freeze and end their lives.  But for the government this is not enough.  Perhaps this burdens in society are not dying quick enough, and so they are bringing in ‘pest control’
Another whistle-blower, is a call centre worker for the private contractor Capita, who together with the disgraced private healthcare firm Atos are responsible for assessing PIP claimants on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  PIP can be claimed by sick and disabled people regardless of their employment status. Under the new disability benefit PIP, claimants are required to attend face-to-face assessments to determine their eligibility and the level of benefit they will receive.
While waiting to be assessed for PIP, many sick and disabled people are often left penniless and unable to pay their rent, because their DLA has been stopped, the whistleblower said.

“I’ve had people on the phone crying their eyes out and saying they are going to commit suicide.

“On one occasion I had to call an ambulance because they said they had stopped taking their medication. Some people have been going for months and months without money.”

One such claimant (although now called Customers) was Steven Cawthra, aged  55. His benefits were stopped by the DWP and with rising debts, he saw suicide as the only way out of a desperate situation. Another ‘customer’ went to hell and back fighting the DWP and only because of his emotional strength did he finally win.

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Well after 73 weeks (started march 11 2014) of fighting, I’ve finally won my appeal for PIP! Awarded enhanced for living and normal for mobility (ATOS awarded me 1 point in living originally, not to mention the amount of lies on the report!).

The tribunal itself lasted 5 mins as they’d already decided on a paper trial and didnt even need additional evidence from me…which was lucky as they’d lost my folder with all my evidence in, only to find it as we came out of the courtroom.

It’s been a week since the tribunal, so i’m now just waiting on the DWP to actually award me my full backpay, i’m guessing they’ll string this bit out for as long as possible too? Anyone know on average how long this bit takes?

I’m amazed even supplying reports from 2 separate psychiatrists , my GP of ten years and 3 therapists and they still said I wasn’t able to get pip, yet the courts took two seconds to say yes! Atos are a huge joke when it comes to mental health issues

Just goes to show, you HAVE to keep fighting, as the DWP will do everything in their power to stop you from getting anything from them!


Another claimant suffered this barabaric torture.  No he was not dunked as a witch.  But the impossibility to prove your innocence was as fatal.  If he was innocent he would die from his neglected condition or suicide, if he was not he would be sanctioned and die.

DWP continues to push centres to find people fit for work.  Paul Barney Barnard first attended Atos  at 2pm Monday 16th april 2012. I was told that there was a considerable wait.  I had a hospital appointment, I requested a postponement. It was rebooked for Friday 20th April at 08.30 am when I insisted upon a copy of their policy on recording myself, the assessor became angry, shouted at me despite asking her 3 times not to, and abandoned the assessment. I complained to Atos.  Then another appointment booked for Monday 18th June 2012 – which I believe was cancelled whilst my complaint was being heard. So another appointment for the 3rd July 2012 was made and then cancelled by atos for no apparent reason. Then an appointment for Thursday the 9th August 2012 was attended.  When I expressed my fears regarding the process after two documentaries on national television, and informed the assessor that my notes might be used in a legal case, she simply walked out leaving me and my companions in the room for 20 minutes until the receptionist came to help us.

An appointment for 2.30 pm on Monday 10th September was carried out. I felt intimidated on two counts.

1 -that Atos healthcare had threatened me with “referral back to the DWP if my behaviour intimidated their staff” for which there was no clearer explanation, and being received on the Friday previous, I had no way of clarifying this.

2 -that the doctor was accompanied by the receptionist who would have no right to access to my medical knowledge.

  • Due to the above i was unable to say anything about how I felt for fear of benefit sanctions. I am unable to understand that atos accused me in writing on emails to the DWP of intimidating their staff twice, yet still gave me zero points for this which is 15 points.
  • That the recorded assessment was 100% misreported regarding my driving a manual car, and that the following were not accurate:
  • I have trouble dealing with people. i am unable due to medication to learn new tasks, or manage to begin and finish daily tasks. i do not take care of bills, and household tasks.
  • I was never able to stay sitting or standing for more than ten minutes.
  • I cannot pick up anything from the floor without considerable pain.

The process from April to September 2012 has caused a huge increase in my anxiety stress and depression, and during that process my back pain became unbearable for up to 4 days at a time. it has triggered a recurrence of strong desires to commit suicide on at least 8 occasions. 


Another claimant has suffered at the hands of the DWP  corruption. I had my appeal assessment on Friday 7th August in Manchester the doctor on the panel was horrible I was in there for around 1 hour and I had loads off questions fired at me I cried because I cant do much with my daughter and I got stuck on some questions I left the room and let them talk came back in 5-10mins later and got standard care even though my partner who is my carer does everything for me and I only got 4 points for mobility even though I had loads off letters saying my mobility is deteriorating but they only awarded me 4 points on mobility I was on higher rate care and higher rate mobility on DLA for 5 years.  Now under DWP I was awarded 0 points on mobility and only 4 points on care and from the tribunal I got 4 points on mobility and 9 points on care, I’m shocked that I didn’t get more points I need my mobility more then care I’m home bound because of this and don’t know what I am supposed to do now as I want to keep fighting this.

This campaign began in July, everyone effected knows exactly what has been going on under the radar.  Our complaints and voices have been ignored. The media has portrayed ‘victims’ as liars, deceivers, and  lazy. They public genuinely has been misled to believe there is a sub-group of work-shy people who deserve every punishment going because it is their ‘hard working tax’ that is paying for these malingerers.
However, the truth will out, and slowly the cracks in the damn are causing leaks.
Groups are now uniting under the banner of #uniteandfight.  Please join in this twitter storm .  Go on to twitter.  Upload the above image.  hashtag #uniteandfight say you are against sanctions and WCA and add .
Returning to the latest faux pas of the government, in mid August 2015, an aspect of the DWP’s manipulation leaked out. Following a freedom of information request courtesy of Welfare Weekly, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) admitted that Sarah, along with fellow benefit claimant Zac (who offered up a heart-warming tale of notifying the jobcentre of his hospital appointment in advance, thus safeguarding his claim) were only used in their promotional materials “for illustrative purposes”. (Yet a whistleblower has even described sanctioning someone who was in hospital following a heart attack who had notified JSP so even this lie is wrapped in further lies.)


Naturally, there’s no suggestion anywhere on the leaflet – which has mysteriously disappeared from the DWP website but has been downloaded by Welfare Weekly – that these claimants are fictional. The positive spin is so firmly rooted in the realms of fantasy as to be ludicrous, and follows an incident last year where the department was accused of planting fake tweets praising the much-maligned universal credit measures, though it denied this Tales abound from claimants who have been sanctioned for a range of bizarre and trivial reasons  please see  (  such as failing to apply for a job that had expired, or missing a jobcentre appointment that clashed with a work programme interview. There have been punishments that are shocking in their heartlessness: it could be a funeral, a stillbirth, a heart attack, a premature labour that causes you to miss your signing-on appointment: tough. No excuses. No one wants to be out of work.  Everyone is desperate to find employment. Even those you are deemed not fit for work, desire work, they just cannot do it because of their conditions.  Yet this is never what the public is told. The public are continually badgered with false facts, manipulation, spin, and language that persuades them they are being cheated and conned.


They are of course.  But not by benefit claimants.  Last week, a famished woman whose benefits were stopped was prosecuted and fined more than £300 for stealing a 75p pack of Mars Bars. Reality isn’t quite panning out the way the Conservatives intended.Under the government’s “hard line” approach, almost 1 million jobseeker’s allowance claimants were sanctioned in 2014, yet there are doubts as to the sanctions’ effectiveness in helping people find work. The work and pensions select committee said that the government had not presented evidence that the system was not “purely punitive”. Was this a head line in the press? NO!  Because DWP does not want the public to know the truth.  The truth is ‘cutting benefits kills’ and that this powerless group in society needs to be enabled and empowered, not tortured, abused, and treated like a criminal.

I have skimmed over the current issues reguarding Work Capability Assessments (WCA) and Sanctions.  I have skimmed over the media and DWP manipgeorge-canning-statesman-quote-i-can-prove-anything-by-statisticsulation.  I have skimmed over the evidence and facts, the death soon to be released and twisted to prove their innocence not guilt.

The able and disabled are uniting.  The employed tax payers and the unemployed are uniting.  Unionists and non unionists are uniting.  You do not need to be impacted by Sanctions or WCA – I am not.  But I am a human.  I believe in humanity.  I believe that it is our duty as human beings to protect the vulnerable in our community.  Since the stone age there is evidence that the elderly, the disabled and children were looked after by the strong and able.  It is human nature to feel compassion for download (1)those in need, for those vulnerable and weak.  It is our innate nature to strive to protect these people.  They are people.  If a stone age society can recognise this, then how can a civilised society not? We pride ourselves on on living in the ‘information era’ yes people seem to know very little about truth or human beings, but are distracted by trivialities.  Celebrity weddings, what we ate for lunch that we upload to Facebook, mock-umentaries that are like the Colosseum where we can offer a thumbs down for those portrayed as ‘baddies’ and cheer for the ‘goodies’. The list is endless.  If you think about it- really think about it, Strictly Come dancing, The Voice, Britain’s got Talent, Celebrity Get me Out of Here, they are all aimed to stop you thinking.  They may be entertaining, but so was people thrown to the lions in the amphitheatre, but this does not mean it is right.  It does not mean that selfish society is right.  People are people and this could so easily be you.  You have no idea what is around the corapathyner, if you do not stand up for the powerless, then what right do you have to complain when you become vulnerable?  We all age, one day we will all be old (hopefully) we will rely on others, we will rely on the state.  Does that make us criminals? No!  But you may be portrayed as so, if we allow this heinous attack on people now.

Additionally, were you aware that only 0.05% maximum of claims have been fraudulent?  That means at least 99.5% are genuine claims.  This tiny fraction in society that has tried to take advantage of society has been a means for the elite and powerful to embellish the truth and justify pain and suffering to all the vulnerable with your silent consent.


Don’t give your consent to destroying the lives of the weak and vulnerable.  Make a stand and say NO!

Yours Faithfully